Paris-based Freelance Photographer
Infinitely passionate with digital
photography, motion pictures, music
festivals & performing arts,


I really enjoy witnessing special moments and connection between the crowd and the artists, seeing thousands smiles shine under the sunlight, and blooming souls dancing under the rain. Festivals are a place where you/us, feel and express emotions freely and it is what makes us who we are, through the movements synced to music, the faces glowing with a sheer bliss. They are a space where social barriers break down and the enriching encounters are multiplied, and there the hours are timeless as time stands still.


Capturing unique moments


What I can provide you with



  • Observing, blending in and clicking candid shots of the festival-goers enjoying themselves and the artists connecting to their audience, also grasping the feel and the energy of your event.

  • Delivering high resolution pictures in a timely manner via WeTransfer or Dropbox so you can download them easily.

Check out the pictures displayed on this homepage slideshows to learn more about my photography style


  • Filming rushes during your festival in order to make an aftermovie so you and your audience can happily relive the experience indefinitely and promote your upcoming events.

  • Creating visuals in motion for your track.

  • Delivering the final video montage in a timely manner via WeTransfer or Dropbox so you can download and share it easily within your network.


  • Enhancing your pictures with my eye for details and in compliance with the true nature of your image (e.g., resizing and cropping, adjusting brightness and shadows, improvement of clarity, flaws rectification, color correction, noise reduction…).
    I look forward to making your business stand out and/or to give a second life to your family/friends photographs.

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    - Translations from English to French.
    - Community Management.
    - Event report.
    - Copywriting.

    - Community Management.

Key themes: music, festivals, digital arts, performing arts, travel.

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