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Updated: June 2019

These are the Terms and Conditions of Use for the following website: Cindy Voitus Visuals. Our Site (“Cindy Voitus Visuals”, “I”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is owned and updated by Cindy Voitus and powered by Squarespace.

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Our website is all about sharing visual and textual information about music festivals and events (with a focus but not solely on Electronic Music), also about other forms of performing arts related to music (contemporary circus and dance…).

All content (photos, videos, texts) featured on this website is solely created, produced, edited and published by Cindy Voitus — French-Photographer and Music Festival Writer currently based in Paris — while granted with photo accreditations/photo credentials at the festivals mentioned next to/or on each picture and/or video.

Who is Cindy Voitus Visuals

Howdy! I am a passionate French photographer featuring a variety of pictures and videos I’ve shot and filmed at music and contemporary circus festivals around the world (Canada, France, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal) to allow anyone — from ravers, daydreamers, artists, music collectives, record labels, festival organizers… all the beautiful souls out there — to fully revive the spirit of festivals year round through the smiles, the great vibes, the strong emotions, the deep connection… These moments are forever set in stones.
I strive to share and immortalize with a click the things that make us who we are as human beings in the most profound and positive way.  


Cindy Voitus
Owner of the domain name: cindyvoitusvisuals.com
Photographer and Music Festival Writer
Registered under SIRET number: 851 779 801 00014 - APE: 7420Z

Shall you need to contact me : please do so via the Contact Form or directly by email at: contact@cindyvoitusvisuals.com


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All festivals featured on this website have officially granted Cindy Voitus — French-Photographer and Music Festival Writer currently based in Paris and owner of all the content featured on this website — with several photo accreditations/photo credentials during the events.

As an artist or a raver featured on this website, you may at anytime request:

  • correction or deletion of a visual/textual content published on this website that would be related to you specifically

  • deletion of a message you submitted via the contact form or email

  • more information about this website and owner in an appropriate manner

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This website is provided in good faith and with great passion for the music festivals I got a chance to be accredited for all around the world, the artists bringing us all on an infinite journey and the joyful ravers but we can't warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information or other content or postings found on our Site. You acknowledge and agree that: (I) your use of the Site is at your own sole risk; you are aware it might not meet your expectations and requirements and (III) you bear full responsibility for your own decisions and that we shall not be liable for any action that you or others take or don't take based on your use of or reliance on information provided by us on our website.